In a highly customer-facing industry like law, keeping track of clients takes a large portion of time from what lawyers should be doing; practicing law. Many have had the stance that most others slow to adopt CRM systems have, they just hate entering all the data.

If all of your communication and data about the clients is stored in emails or spreadsheets, it’s time to think about a different solution. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are utilized across nearly every customer-facing industry for good reason, they work.

What is a CRM system?

Read our blog post that describes CRM in detail, from the article: At the highest level, CRM represents every interaction your company participates in with your customers and prospects. Each email you send or call you make to a customer signifies an important event in your relationship and helps move the customer along to the next stage in the sales funnel.

But you likely have many customers with a number of different needs. Keeping track of it all on paper or in an Excel file, for instance, can become incredibly time-consuming. It’s for this reason CRM software emerged.

Centralized data

One of the biggest advantages of these systems is that they keep all the customer data in one location. Using spreadsheets and email contact lists may be still working for some but they are missing out on valuable insights into the data that CRM provides. The system also has a user interface tailored to make searching through the data easy and efficient.

Having a centralized database also helps in a law firm that employs multiple lawyers. If one of them leaves the firm, you could potentially lose all of the data they have about their clients. Having a CRM avoids this because their data will be stored away on a cloud-hosted or self-hosted server for anyone that needs access to it.

Gain More Leads

Most lawyers know that marketing is essential to gaining the most clients, whether it’s through billboards or social media. You may be a great lawyer but will struggle to be the most competitive if potential clients aren’t aware of you. An easy way for small-time lawyers to market these days is through email campaigns. This involves sending out emails to potential clients segmented by their particular interests.

The data about these leads are all kept in the CRM system, making it simple to export the contact information into an email campaign. The data also provides valuable insights into your clients and leads, such as the health of the relationship or the best times to follow up with a lead.

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce is a proven solution that many law firms have already adopted with success. Check out this article over at that describes the top 8 benefits of Salesforce CRM for law firms.  If you are an independent lawyer or small firm, an option for you may be Salesforce Essentials. This is the scaled-down version of Salesforce for small businesses. It has a cheap entry-point but still has a lot of power and can accomplish all of the things listed above.

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