Change is hard, especially when it comes to upgrading your IT systems. Sometimes moving to the latest and greatest thing isn’t the answer and can cause more headaches for what it’s worth. This creates a balancing act for many companies, they can stay on their current systems to maintain stability but they may sacrifice losing out on the advantages of a newer system. 

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a powerful tool that many companies still use to this day. However, most support for this product has already ended or will end totally in the near future, aside from that, there are many advantages to switching to Dynamics 365 right now.  

One of the biggest advantages is that Dynamics 365 is completely in the cloud. This leads to cost-savings in many different areas when it comes to IT infrastructure. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why moving to the cloud will benefit your company 

Cost Savings 

Keeping a legacy application on life support can incur many costs from licensing and training to data storage and security compliance. When switching to the cloud, many of these costs are offloaded to the cloud hosting provider (Microsoft in this case.) 

 Maintaining the servers and customization of Dynamics AX requires experienced and costly IT staff. Switching to the cloud can allow you to cut some staff or have them focus their priorities to other more pressing things in the organization.  


For a growing business, a large priority is scalability, if many new employees are being onboarded that means more users need to use Dynamics AX. This will eventually create a need for more servers and infrastructure to support the increased demand which can be very costly. 

 With Dynamics 365 you don’t have to worry about buying new servers and the electricity costs that come with running them. Everything is hosted on Microsoft’s servers so you can add as many users and store as much data as you need while your business grows 


The past 20 years have shown us some of the devastating effects that cyber-attacks can have on businesses. Credit card info, names, addresses, and other personal info all stolen away by hackers in the blink of an eye. The financial costs of recovering from an attack can be enough to sink a business as well as the loss of trust from a customer perspective.  

Your company may have talented and experienced IT professionals on staff but even they could possibly overlook things that will cause a cyberattack. When switching to Dynamics 365, the security is offloaded to Microsoft. They have massive teams of engineers that are the best in the world at what they do. You can feel safe knowing that their servers are constantly monitored and updated to combat modern-day cyber-attacks.  


A big issue with legacy systems is their inability to keep up with the rapidly-changing landscape of technology. Employees are expecting the option to use their applications from anywhere on any device and expect those applications are all integrated. The reason they expect this is simple, it makes their job easier which means increased productivity for the organization. All you need is an internet connection to access Dynamics 365, you do not need pre-installed software. 

You also only pay for what you need whether that is the number of user licenses or the integrations with Dynamics 365. As the needs of your business change, you may decide that you need Dynamics Business Central or Dynamics field service added on. This means your business is ready for any challenges that may be thrown at it in the future.  

 Top-Notch Support 

As we said earlier, the support for Dynamics AX is ending, that means no more updates and no more Microsoft support. With Dynamics 365 you will receive continuous updates that keeps your data secure and will have the expert know-how of Microsoft at all times. It would be a security risk to not migrate to Dynamics 365 by the time support ends 

 In conclusion, the benefits of switching to Dynamics 365 are immense. There will be clear cost-savings in the short and long term, and there will be increased productivity all around. Everyone is talking about the cloud precisely for these reasons, do not get left behind, switch from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 today. 

 We would love to work with you so you can better understand how this will benefit your business by the numbers. 

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