Whatever the reason, upgrading should translate into a favorable ROI (return on investment), that can be supported by projected growth in revenues, or a decrease in costs. Consider the following when looking to upgrade your system:

Setting up a new business management solution

With starting a new business, there is no history to convert which makes it easier to implement. We would be able to advise your new business of the most appropriate business processes with which to start. Starting the right way will set the tone in your business for successful accounting and management of your business for many years to follow.

Converting your existing business system

Converting to a new business system can be more efficient if only balances and open items are converted from the old system. Introducing the conversion of detail history transactions will add more complexity to the conversion. There is a trade-off between cost and the extent of the detail to be converted. We help clients to analyze and understand the extent of data that should be converted in the most efficient manner.

Modify, add-on or enhance your existing business management solution

Most base mid-market accounting software solutions conform to industry standards, however, almost all businesses have some uniqueness about their business compared to industry standards. To cater for this uniqueness about the business we configure and modify the software to meet the unique needs of the business. There are also many 3rd party add-ons that have already been developed to cater for specific variations of standard type industry setups. See some of our popular custom add-ons.

Upgrading your software

It is good to keep up-to-date with the latest enhancements and features so that you can remain competitive with regard to your business software technology needs. Falling too far behind in version upgrades can be more costly in the long run, as it gets harder to get back onto the latest software version. Upgrades are usually done annually while smaller patches can be installed as needed.

If your current accounting software does not satisfy your business needs, check here to see whether it is time to outgrow and update to Sage Intacct or Sage 100.