Flexible Financial and Management Reporting

We are experienced with numerous reporting tools such as Sage Intelligence reporting, Crystal Reports and MS SQL Server queries that render into various Business Intelligence dashboards. We are proficient at writing and configuring meaningful management reports that can help you monitor progress as well as exceptions in the business. Our custom financial and management reporting are both timely and accurate. They will meet your investor and compliance needs and will enable you to proactively make informed and qualified business decisions.

Financial and Management Reporting for Investors and Lenders

Lenders place stringent requirements on borrowers and company officers are held accountable for asserting the data represented by their company financials. We are experience in setting up financial reports that comply with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles):

  • Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Individual investors are often most concerned with understanding trends, cash flow and performance in terms of EBITDA (Earning Before Interest Tax, Depreciation and Amortization), as well as ratio analysis calculations that evaluate the adherence to lending covenant requirements.
  • Statutory Reporting requirements are commonly required by banks, lending institutions, or listed holding companies. In terms of GAAP, there are 3 types of endorsements or reviews for a set of financial statements:
    • Audit is the most thorough investigation of a set of company financial statements whereby a Certified CPA will verify, based on a detailed and planned investigation, that the financial statements fairly and accurately represent the financial affairs of the company. Based on the Auditors report, stakeholders of the company would be more inclined to lend and transact with the company.
    • Review is less stringent than an audit in that the CPA firm will use analytical procedures to verify the reasonableness of the financial statements.
    • Compilation is a set of company financials that is presented in a format consistent with GAAP. No opinion or assurance is expressed on this financial data.

Whatever your business reporting needs, you can trust our experience and know-how to help you get better business insights in a timely and accurate manner.