Consider Timac for support and/or advise on your accounting needs. We are proficient in accounting, and through our expertise in business management software, know how to manage this function very efficiently. For the smaller businesses or startups, full time resources can be costly in the beginning to allocate to this function. We can help with the following accounting processes:

Accounting for Period End Closings

Every month we do a complete review and integrity check of your financial data that includes:

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Financial statement preparation and review (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)
  • Management reporting
  • Variance and budget analysis
  • Accruals and adjusting journal entries

There are many reasons to maintain your accounting records correctly:

  • It helps maintain internal controls, and early detection of errors, omissions and fraud.
  • Financing – having a well maintained and accurate set of financial statements goes a long way to help getting financing or a line of credit from your bank or an investor. Its unlikely that you will get financing without a sounds set of financials. A credible business plan needs a sound set of financials statements to support it.
  • You know where you are in your business and can plan accordingly.

Accounting for Sales and Business Taxes

  • Preparation of property, business and city taxes
  • Sales tax preparation and filing

All supervised and managed by qualified CPA’s.

Financial Strategies

We provide consulting services to help obtain financing for working capital, expansion or purchases of a new business, or the sale of your business. If you are looking to take your business public, or sell your business, you will more than likely need a sound set of financial statements for the last three years that fairly and accurately present your business. We can help with all reports that are needed to support these type of transactions.