Organize Your Contacts

  • Add your business info to contacts and account info.
  • Sync customer data from your email
  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry

Improve Your Customer Support

  • Provide support to customers across a range of channels, including social media and email
  • Easily manage and delegate customer support cases
  • Document and store customer questions for future reference

Track Customer Relationships and Deals

  • Break customer relationships down into sales funnel stages
  • Project the value of a deal before it’s struck
  • Record value of deal after it’s closed for company records
  • Use customer’s progress through funnel to develop sales strategy.

Access Your CRM System Anywhere

  • Run your business remotely using the Salesforce mobile app
  • Respond to customer inquiries on the go
  • Access valuable customer information while on the road

Integrate With Your Other Business Apps

  • Integrate data from other business apps such as DocuSign and Dropbox
  • Track metrics across your entire business using the Salesforce Essentials dashboard

Keep Track of Your Business’ Health

  • Translate the ways you measure your business’ performance into reports and dashboards
  • Visualize your company’s health using beautiful charts and graphs
  • Identify and act on areas of concern with only one touch