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We have all seen advertisements at hockey and football games for Salesforce, but many aren’t sure what it does. To put it simply, Salesforce helps you manage your company’s customer relationships, it creates a single “source of truth” for the information on your customers. Salesforce is generally meant for large companies, however, there is a version for small businesses that is just as powerful; Salesforce Essentials.  

Many long-standing small businesses at first cannot see the value in Salesforce Essentials, they have gotten this far without it, why implement such a thing now? Many will not admit it, but the bottom line is that when it comes to analyzing data, computers will always be smarter than humans.

If  your company’s data is spread out across excel spreadsheets and post-it notes it is time to consider implementing a CRM (customer relationship management) system like Salesforce Essentials. This software will provide valuable insights into the health of your customer relationships, maximize money spent on marketing, and reveal opportunities to gain more customers.

The Nuts and Bolts

At its core, Salesforce Essentials keeps track of your prospects, sales, and customers. This is done by recording leads, opportunities, accounts, and contacts. Leads are captured through business cards, online forms, or word-of mouth, every salesperson knows at this point the goal is to “work the lead.” Once the lead expresses some interest in buying, Salesforce automatically creates an account, contact, and opportunity record for that lead.

The account record stores the company name, number of employees, industry, and location. The contact record stores the basic info of the lead that expressed interest like name, title, phone and email address. The opportunity record is important, it stores the product, amount, decision makers in the company, and the close date. An additional record is known as the case record, this is where any questions/comments/concerns from the customer are stored.

Bringing it All Together

The power of Salesforce is that it “sanitizes” the data regarding your customer relationships. With all of these records combined, it can cut out a lot of busy work in day-to-day operations, help you stay on top of deals, follow up with prospects faster, and keep your customers happy with personalized service.

It also helps your company wisely spend their marketing dollars because you can see what it takes to convert leads into customers. You can also offer better support for your products as you will know the most common types of requests and how long it takes to complete them

If you are a small or medium-sized business, Salesforce Essentials was built with your needs in mind. We would love to work with you so you can better understand how this will benfit your business by the numbers.

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