Sage 100 2024 is now available, and it includes lot of new and exciting features and updates. Here are some of the highlights:

The following changes are carried in Sage 100 Desktop and throughout multiple modules:

One Stop Resources Button

Resources button on the Help tab has been added to provide a one-stop shop to the Sage Community Hub, Knowledgebase, Product Documents page, Sage University, and additional services. 

Installation Change

The Sage 100 installation program now detects if a computer is running the 64-bit version or 32-bit version of Windows, and defaults the bit version of the Sage 100 install accordingly.

Improvements to Delete and Change Utilities

  • You can now access and enter information when data entry is in progress or the main entity task is in use.
  • File checking occurs upon clicking the Proceed button
  • New security options in Role Maintenance also enable you to determine which users can perform the delete or change processes

Improved Audit Tracking

Data tracked and printed on the audit trail has been expanded for vendors, customers, employees, and items. This enhancement provides improved security compliance in the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, and Inventory Management modules. You can view a quick demo here.

The following updates are carried for specific modules:

Accounts Payable

  • Date Established field has been added to show the system date the vendor was created on the Statistics tab in Vendor Maintenance and Vendor Inquiry
  • Easily track W-9 Forms with the newly added W-9 Form File check box

Inventory Management

  • Easily manage the records of your warehouse with the newly added Delete Warehouses and Change Warehouse feature in the Inventory Management Utilities menu.

Production Management

  • You may now view all activity codes with the newly added Activity Code List button next to the Activity Code field in Activity Code Maintenance
  • Determine if materials from the bill, work ticket template, or both bill and template are included when calculating the cost of the bill with the new Include Materials From field

Purchase Order

  • The Clear Back Order upon Accept check box has been added on the Lines tab in Receipt of Goods Entry, enabling you to easily close a partially received purchase order.
  • A new order status of Received has been added. When purchase orders have been received but not invoiced, the order will now have a status of Received instead of Back Order to correctly reflect the state of the order

Sales Order

The following options have been added to the Sales Order Module:

  • Option to Print Forms for Generated Back Orders
  • Option to Display Ordered Quantity in Red

For more details on these enhancements, see What’s New in Sage 100 2024

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