This module is designed primarily for your ease of use. If you know how to navigate and use Sage 100, then you will know how to manage and publish items and content to your website and webstore using our Sage 100 eCommerce module. Its as simple as checking a box on the item master to publish that items to your webstore and make it available to the universe to purchase online. All related item categories and descriptions are automatically published as entered in Sage. And customers will see their relevant pricing the same way that it is seen in Sage by price level. Features included are as follows:


  • Catergories
  • Bill of Materials & Kits
  • Top Selling Items
  • Complimentary Items
  • Item & Customer pricing
  • All managed inside of Sage, no external CMS

Shopping Cart

  • Pay by credit card using Sage Pay
  • Place orders on account if authorized
  • Account login and password management
  • UPS integration
  • Orders appear real-time in Sage
  • All managed inside of Sage, no external CMS

Content Management

  • Manage content on your website easily in Sage 100
  • No external CMS

Customer Portal

  • Customer account management
  • See open invoices and account balance
  • Pay online through Sage pay

Login Management

  • Items can be purchased with an anonymous login
  • Users can register. Approval is done by you inside Sage 100
  • Passwords can be managed and reset by the ‘Forgot Password’ option
  • Customers can login, and only see their relevant pricing as setup by price level

Sage 100 eCommerce module provides Sage users with a fantastic opportunity to easily and very quickly be up and running with a shopping cart and web store. This module will allow you to start selling your products online without having to master a content management system and re-enter data that already exists in your Sage 100 system. If you know Sage 100, you will know how to manage your web store and content in-house through Sage 100.