Reduced IT Costs

With cloud hosting you can outsource the management of your Sage application server and substantially reduce your IT costs and mitigate against the risk of server outages and downtime. Our servers are monitored so we can proactively identify risks or replace parts as needed in advance of any failures.

Secure and Fast

The data-center locations are permanently staffed and highly secure with uninterrupted power and super fast internet speeds. Backups are designed and implemented to cater to your specific data and recovery needs.

Access your application anywhere from any device

Cloud hosting enables you to access your application and data at any time from any device through a secure login. You can also access your server from a tablet, phone or desktop, including Apple and Linux machines.

Flexibility to grow

On our cloud hosting platform you have the flexibility to add users and capacity as needed, without any downtime, and without the cost of having to purchase or upgrade a server on site.