What is Avalara and why is it useful?

If your business is in the retail sector, specifically in e-commerce, and applying the correct amount of sales tax to each purchase is burdensome and time consuming, Avalara is the solution. Sales tax varies by state, county and even city which makes the calculation complicated and prone to human error. Avalara computes the exact amount of sales tax necessary based on the location entered in the transaction. The software integrates with Sage 100 and Sage Intacct to automatically apply and file sales tax, while also managing customer exemption certificates.

How does Avalara work?

  1. AvaTax has built in algorithms to measure correct tax rates, as well as value added tax rates. This process works in real-time, it immediately adds the value in the consumer’s shopping cart or invoice at the moment of purchase.
  2. Avalara applies geospatial locations to identify the correct tax rate using the location of the customer.
  3. It will follow any changes to the sales tax, including holiday rates, and will automatically implement them.
  4. Avalara is approved by 24 U.S. states as a service provider for sales tax calculations, returns and filing.

If you are selling retail into multiple states, Avalara can make that process seedless and easy to manage through a direct integration to Sage 100 or Sage Intacct.

Please contact rob@timacinc.com for more information on how Avalara can save you time and money.