The restaurant business is hard, often having low-profit margins and high competition, owners need to be creative to really grow their profits.  

The Race for Data is on  

The pandemic caused many restaurants to make accommodations for customers that they would not have previously considered. One of the biggest accommodations was online ordering and delivery options. Savvy restauranteurs found there was an added benefit to doing this, they can capture information about their customers. When someone places an online order, they are required to provide their name, email address, and physical address. Not only does this give restaurants insights into the demographics of their customers, but it also creates an opportunity to make them repeat buyers.  

This is what all the successful businesses are attempting to do right now, get data about their customers. Restaurants of any size or specialty should try to do the same thing. This is especially true because they are more likely to have “regulars” that will bring in consistent revenue, and you can specifically target the highest spending regulars to keep them coming back.  

This is where Salesforce Essentials comes into play, it acts as a database to store all of the customer information. Salesforce Essentials is what is known as a customer relationship management (CRM) system. It is designed to give you the tools to maintain, strengthen, and gain customer relationships.  

Email Marketing 

Although many people do not enjoy receiving ‘junk emails’ from businesses, restaurants are in a unique position to benefit from email marketing. Going out to eat or having food delivered is an experience, if you can make that experience enjoyable and memorable, people will be more receptive to email communications.  

Customers that have had a wonderful experience with your restaurant in the past will be on the lookout for deals if you consistently are offering them. You can also personalize those deals by offering free or discounted items on a person’s birthday.  

Salesforce Essentials makes this quite simple; you can select all the customers in your database and send out an email with just a few clicks. See this video from Salesforce on what the process looks like

Valuable Insights to Make Informed Decisions 

When you start building up the database, you will begin to see trends and insights with your data. Things like best-selling items, food that receives complaints, sales, leads, customer interactions, and more.  

This data is combined to give you an overall picture of your restaurant’s health so you can better adapt to your business plan.


Salesforce Essentials has applications for every small business, no matter the industry. There is no reason that restaurants cannot use it either. The goal is to create loyal customers who keep coming back and generating revenue for your business and Salesforce is a great tool for that. 

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