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Ian McAteer

Software Upgrade

No Code Apps are the Way Of the Future

Once upon a time, deploying a new business application required writing thousands and thousands lines of code. Usually, your business would need to outsource the project to a web developer, which would cost time and money. None of that is necessary with no-code apps. With no code apps, all you need to do is click and drop ready-to-use elements. Even enterprise applications can be created by people with little to no experience in app development. It’s very similar to the Elementor plugin on Wordpress. But the benefits of no code apps don’t end with a gentle learning curve. Businesses across…
Ian McAteer
March 18, 2021
Cloud Hosting

Cloud ERP Is a Boon for Your Business

We haven’t talked about just how great enterprise planning resource (ERP) software is lately. What’s worse, we’ve never talked about how cloud ERP takes the power of ERP to a new level. Much like the ERP software with which you’re familiar, cloud ERP gives your management team a comprehensive understanding of the areas in which your company is thriving and where it could use some improvement. But a legacy ERP system can be unwieldy. The simple act of installing new applications can slow your business down for an extended period of time. But with cloud ERP, you need not worry.…
Ian McAteer
March 11, 2021
Cloud Hosting

Here’s How to Dodge the Three Biggest Cloud Migration Challenges

Big company projects often lead to major challenges. Take, for instance, cloud migration challenges. Sure, we’ve talked at length about all of the benefits your company will reap once all is said and done. But as your company makes the transition from on premises servers to an external cloud host, you’re guaranteed to run into a few cloud migration challenges. It’s nothing to panic about. You’re working with professionals, after all.  By knowing what cloud migration challenges to expect before the process starts, you’ll avoid the stress and worry that often accompanies any hiccup in a major undertaking at your…
Ian McAteer
March 3, 2021
Cloud Hosting

Make Cloud Computing A Part of Your Business Growth Plan

Generally speaking, small business owners want their business to grow. But not all owners have a business growth plan in place. It’s easy to see why. Small business owners have an endless number of concerns to address on a daily basis. There never seems to be the time to sit down and put together a business growth plan.  Luckily, starting a plan off doesn’t need to be a major undertaking. In fact, your business growth plan can start by making the switch to cloud computing. It might sound simple, but a more flexible approach to computing can really help your…
Ian McAteer
February 24, 2021

Three Questions to Ask Your Cloud Hosting Services Provider

Everyone likes a good host. And in 2021, you could argue people like a good cloud hosting services provider even more.  We’ve talked before about how cloud hosting services can help your business refine its focus to whatever it does best. You no longer need to worry about IT infrastructure costs and data thieves infiltrating your system.  But there are a ton of cloud hosting service providers out there. How can you decide between all of them? It’s often simply a matter of asking the right questions before signing an agreement. Before you pick out your next cloud hosting service…
Ian McAteer
February 10, 2021

Three Restaurant Accounting Tips

It’s been a difficult year for restaurants around the country. With in-person dining either restricted or prohibited in many states and demand at lower levels than we’ve ever witnessed before, restaurant owners are working harder than ever to keep their business afloat. One way they’re addressing it is through an increased focus on restaurant accounting practices. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, restaurants were already a low margin business. When you consider the numerous costs associated with running a successful restaurant, the challenges of creating a highly profitable dining establishment becomes immediately apparent.  But with a comprehensive restaurant accounting system, your management…
Ian McAteer
February 3, 2021
Sage Software

How Church Accounting Software Can Help Drive Your Organization’s Mission

When one imagines a church, they likely picture a congregation singing hymns and praying. Any work performed within the building is mission-driven. Very few, if any, people think about church accounting software. But behind the scenes, church accounting software plays an outsize role in its day-to-day operations. Whether it’s used for planning the payroll for the upcoming fiscal year or monitoring income, a good church accounting software system can help set up a church or religious governing body for growth over the long term.  We just told you the “why’ behind the value of a solid church accounting system, but…
Ian McAteer
January 27, 2021
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