We’re Now Offering Salesforce Essentials!

As a part of our mission of providing small and medium sized businesses with the technology needed to help them embrace our digital future, we’re now offering Salesforce Essentials.
Salesforce Essentials is the number one CRM system for small and medium sized businesses. It combines the core functionality of the world’s preeminent CRM system with an affordable price point. It’s the perfect system for any company that’s looking to become more customer-centric.


You probably keep your customer contact information in a number of places around your office—including your own memory. Salesforce Essentials allows you to store all of this information in once place.

Customer Support
Keep track of open customer support cases and respond to queries through phone, email and chat and social channels

Data Tracking
Access where your revenue is coming from, which customers still need support and what customer feedback warrants a response in just a few clicks.

We would be thrilled to help your company develop its own CRM solution. Please email rob@timacinc.com or call robin (310) 571-1200 x21 for more information.

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