Have You Heard About Our Cloud Hosting Services?

Over the years Timac Business Systems has built a very robust and secure infrastructure for hosting Sage 100. More and more of our existing clients are moving towards hosting.
The data center where our servers are located provides uninterrupted power and super-fast internet speeds. We have found that in most circumstances the speeds of access are faster than privately hosting Sage on an internal network and server.


Reduced Costs

With cloud hosting you can substantially reduce your IT costs and mitigate against the risk of server outages and downtime. Our servers are monitored so we can proactively identify risks and replace parts as needed in advance of any failures.
On our cloud hosting platform, you have the flexibility to add users and capacity as needed, without any downtime, and without the cost of having to purchase or upgrade a server on site.


We are able to provide an extremely high standard of security for these servers given that we are doing this at scale, which would be cost prohibitive to try and match at a private server location.
As a participant in one of the critical 16 infrastructure sectors, the datacenters are permanently staffed 24/7. Server data is also backed up to the cloud to a different location.


Your application and data can be accessed at any time from any device through a secure login. Devices from which to access your data include a tablet, phone or desktop, and even Apple and Linux machines.
Given our existing infrastructure, we can deploy new instances within days at little to no downtime. Please email rob@timacinc.com or call robin (310) 571-1200 x21 for more information.

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