The customers have spoken, and the newly released Sage 100 ERP 2015 contains a long list of enhancements, 60 of which were requested by customers. Sage maintains an ideas site for customers to submit enhancements, and of course fields enhancement requests through partners and at the Sage Summit as well.
Included in the 60+ new features for Sage 100 ERP 2015 are:


Better Print and Data Export Control: With new security features admins can control which users have rights to export data from Sage 100 into Excel from lookups/grids and whether to allow printing from lookup windows.
Expanded Vendor Name Field: The vendor name field has been expanded to 50 characters from 30 characters. Additionally, standard forms and reports have been adjusted to accommodate the expanded field.
Expanded Company Color Options: Sage 100 ERP 2015 introduces additional options to color code the entire background, just the window frame, or both.
Sort by Multiple Columns:a new “Sort Columns” button has been added to several windows in accounts payable and bank reconciliation so users can select one or more columns and sort each one in ascending or descending order. This is particularly good for things like invoice payment selection, cash receipts entry, and more.

Canadian Postal Codes:Customers who distribute products throughout North America can now opt to install Canadian postal codes during the installation of Sage 100. Once they’re installed, users can maintain Canadian codes using Zip Code maintenance.


  • A new button in Account Maintenance on the Transactions tab to reverse a journal by creating the entries in general journal entry.
  • All reports now allow direct access to the associated Paperless Office viewer by using the save drop-down menu.
  • Journal/registers will now default the print full comments checkbox to the last value used. Added printing tasks for approximately 17 reports not previously available in Paperless Office.
  • When entering an unformatted general ledger account number in report selections, the value will automatically be formatted just like account maintenance.
  • Manual check and payment entry now allows access to the “Select Invoices” dialog for all purchase transfer vendors.
  • Added purchase order history (like what was previously done for sales order/quote history).
  • A new field in the Item Maintenance Transactions tab to drill into the GL source journal.