Our Reason for Being

is to be a Company that delivers timely and accurate business software solutions to meet the needs of your business. We see our role as integral to the success and growth of our clients’ business. We help them to manage change, and adapt as their business evolves.

Our Goal

is to be an Outstanding Company through our superior ability to map a suitable software solution to fit the client’s business requirements.

Our Standard

is to always be professional, and to maintain a high level of service through timely and accurate response.


Timac Business Systems, a business software reseller since 2005, resells and supports mid-market ERP and CRM software. We are service oriented; our focus is to provide our clients with confidence in the use of their system, and be a resource for technical support, business process review, and reporting.

Many of our clients engage our services when their business has experienced growth that requires them to have improved internal controls within the company and to be in a position to generate meaningful financial and management reports for stakeholders of the company. We help our clients implement processes to achieve these goals, and provide meaningful solutions that fits their business needs. Clients also often engage our business software solutions to help them streamline processes and operate more efficiently. We understand the importance of knowing our clients’ business, and mapping technologies to fit their business needs.