One of the reasons Sage 100 or Sage 100cloud is so widely used is how easy it is to customize it. Sage is accounting software, but with the add-ons, it becomes an all-in-one business management solution. Some of the add-ons make it possible to keep track of large inventories, simplify taxes, and manage customer relationships.

Let’s take a look at 3 official Sage 100cloud add-ons

Sage Inventory Advisor

Sage Inventory Advisor’s aim is to reduce stock-outs, excess inventory, and working capital. It incorporates the data already in your Sage 100cloud system. Together they can analyze inventory data to identify where the biggest improvements can be made, produce quality forecasts, and suggest optimal replenishment recommendations.

  • Smart Inventory: Get insights into the status of your stock, avoid stock-outs, excess inventory, and working capital.
  • Intuitive Data Visualization:  Graphical guides for future replenishment orders, including listing top under and over forecasted items. Dashboards that show; top surplus orders, top stock-outs, top under forecasts, top over forecasts, and more
  • Easy to Integrate: Like all Sage add-ons, inventory advisor is easy to implement with your current Sage 100cloud solution. All the data in the system instantly becomes available to inventory advisor.

Sage CRM

Sage CRM helps you manage your customer relationships, in fact, that is what CRM stands for, customer relationship management. This is a category of software that helps you gain new leads, maintain relationships, and act as a database for customer information. See our blog post for an in-depth look into how these systems help businesses. There are many different options for CRM systems out there but if you already have Sage implemented, it would make sense to incorporate this add-on

  • Service: Better serve your customers by easily tracking customer service cases, keeping all their data in one location, and view metrics regarding the relationship
  • Sales: Manage leads, create quotes/orders, and view reports to get the most out of your sales strategy
  • Marketing: Use your marketing dollars more effectively by targeting buyers in your market, gaining leads, and see the statistics of each campaign.

Sage Intelligence

This add-on allows you to create simple and effective reports with visualizations from the data you have stored in Sage. A huge benefit to this add-on is how easy it integrates with Microsoft Excel. Once the report is run, it can be exported into excel where the data can be further manipulated.

  • Visualize Data: Turn the data from your Sage software into easy-to-read charts and graphs
  • Excel Integration: Your Excel skills will not go to waste, you can export the data easily into excel spreadsheets and further manipulate the data in Excel
  • Smart Decisions: This is the goal of Sage Intelligence, to make your business decisions smart by giving you easy access to your data

And More

There are a total of 6 official add-ons for Sage 100cloud, the other 3 will be covered in a future blog post. One of which is widely used in the manufacturing industry, Sage Operations Management. Sage is also capable of integrating 3rd party and custom add-ons.

At Timac, we have created a few of our own, a popular one is the Wells Fargo payment manager. This helps you seamlessly integrate your Wells Fargo payments through Sage 100cloud, this add-on will be covered further in a future blog post. Contact us today or subscribe to our newsletter below for the latest on Sage 100cloud and our other products.



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