As we have said before, the aspect of Sage 100cloud that makes it so powerful is the add-ons available for it. The add-ons transform it from a simple accounting solution to an all-in-one business management suite.

This is why Sage 100cloud (formerly known as MAS 90) is the most respected software in the manufacturing industry. Let’s take a look at the best add-ons related to that industry.

Sage Production Management

The focus of Sage Production Management is to automate warehouse operations.


  • Increased agility with real time data
    • Real-time reporting, which can track costs relative to budget and make adjustments to processes with increased agility
  • Remove production bottlenecks
    • Achieve visibility into the entire manufacturing process and improve capacity planning
  • Optimize inventory
    • Optimize inventory to reduce excess inventory and eliminate stock outs
  • Customizable to meet your requirements
    • Meet your unique needs with fully customize fields, tables, and scripts


  • Real time updating of inventory
    • Reduce excess inventory and eliminate stock outs by optimizing inventory
  • Complete budget records for direct costs
    • Achieve visibility into the entire manufacturing process with increased oversight into budget distribution
  • Comprehensive work ticket editing
    • Improve customer satisfaction by maintaining accurate expectations
  • One-click purchase orders
    • Automate processes and decrease manual processes and easier outside processing.PreviousNext

Sage Operations Management

Sage Operations Management is meant to enhance your manufacturing operations


  • End to end control
    • Manage each element of the job with tracking tools that cover the entire job lifecycle: Estimating, Sales orders, Work ticket, Job planning, Costing and tracking, Purchasing
  • Improve Visibility
    • Make smarter, more timely decisions with real-time job management tools for estimates, labor and material usage and a single source of the truth for workflow with real-time tracking. Add Enhanced Scheduling to easily prioritize jobs, forecast scheduling and manage exceptions.
  • Improve customer experience and reduce cost
    • Proactively monitor the status of your jobs so that you can provide accurate delivery dates; deliver the tools to review, refine, and improve estimating and job planning. Analyze your supply and demand for jobs, so you can purchase the right products and materials at the right time to meet demand. Identify cost overruns easily, allowing you to take action. Add Product Configurator for to customize products according to need whilst producing fast, accurate custom estimates or sales orders and a comprehensive bill of materials to drive profitability.
  • Save Time
    • Reduce the time you spend managing projects and automate manual processes, including generating purchase orders, generating work tickets, checking material availability before release and verifying quote accuracy and production schedules before production starts.


  • Improve profitability
    • Improve estimates with the ability to create a detailed cost roll up and automatically updated material costs. Analyze profitability based on remaining cost projections.
  • Optimize purchasing
    • See current costs and the status of projects in real time and base purchase recommendations on reorder points and minimum order quantities

Sage Inventory Advisor

Make better inventory decisions with Sage Inventory Advisor


  • Release working capital
    • By reducing excess inventory by 20% or more, you free up significant working capital that can pay for other strategic initiatives in your business.
  • Reduce carrying costs of inventory
    • When reducing your excess inventory, you also lower your hard carrying costs associated with that inventory. Save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per month.
  • Increase sales and profits
    • By minimizing stock-outs, you increase sales and profits. You also improve customer satisfaction and retention while beating the competition.
  • Improve buyer productivity
    • Your buyers and planners save substantial time, allowing them to improve your supply chain, negotiate better deals, etc.


  • Intuitive Dashboards
    • Manage by exception by leveraging colorful, graphical and intuitive dashboards that quickly expose problem areas and suggest actions.
  • Item Classification
    • Items in each warehouse are classified not only by value (A;B;C) but also by speed of movement (High; Medium; Low) Set policies accordingly.
  • Sophisticated Forecasting
    • Our forecasting engine will self-select the best fitting algorithm for each item in each location to produce a forecast for the next 12 months, and monitor accuracy.

If you have any questions about these add-ons and how they can benefit your business. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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