Software selection

Software Upgrades

Support and maintenance

Financial and Management Reporting

EDI Compliance


Implementation Process

  • Accounting and business management processes
  • Computer hardware and network system
  • Integration to other systems
  • Planning
  • Installation
  • Setup and testing
  • Import data from existing system to new system
  • Analyse most cost effective method to perform data conversion
  • Understand purpose of report
  • Report should be timely, accurate, and useful for decision-making
  • Sage Intelligence¬†is often used for more complex financial reporting
  • Sage Intelligence can also be used for creating dashboards
  • Sage Alerts and Workflow can be used to schedule reports and set alerts
  • Crystal Reports can be used to report out of multiple tables in the system
  • In-house training using your data
  • Off-site training at certified training centers
  • Remote support through our secure online internet connection
  • On-site support
  • Periodic maintenance and updates