With the advent of cloud computing, there is still a lot of uncertainty about whether to put your sensitive accounting data in the cloud or not? It really still remains a personal or company preference. Either way, we have the solution that fits all with Sage 100. We have clients that we host entirely in the cloud at our data-center, and we still support many clients that prefer to host their data on their own servers. Many of the newer module add-ons in Sage are being developed for the cloud, such as credit card processing, mobile sales, and mobile service, so that you can also have a hybrid with your Sage of both on premise and in the cloud. In this way you can still manage your more sensitive data on premise where you can feel more comfortable about controlling the security and access to this data, as well as have easy access to cloud apps for remote and field workers. There are a host of websites that can help you in choosing the correct solution for your business. See http://findbizsoftware.com/ for articles to help you with criteria on how to select a suitable system for your business, as well as a useful searching of vendors and implementation consultants.

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